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The Ideal Weight According to Your Height

Obesity is one of the main problems that Americans have to face. The number of children and teens suffering from this is worrying, and it seems to increase if measures are not taken. However, before you start any diet or nutritious program to lose weight, you must know your ideal weight in order not to lose other important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Do not worry! You do not have to spend much money to realize your ideal weight. Here you will find a useful guide to find out whether your weight is proper or not according to your height. It is important that you take into account your body type and metabolism while looking for your ideal weight. Once you know which your ideal weight is, start with a weight loss program to lose your extra weight.

The body mass index (BMI) is a useful and easy way to determine the healthy weight of a person. This method helps specialists calculate the amount of fat that a person has. Although you can calculate your IBM rate, it is recommendable to look for professional help in order to determine other factors that may influence your weight. To calculate your body mass index, you must multiply your height in inches by your height in inches. Then, you must divide your weight in pounds by that result. Finally, multiply the total by 703. If you are 20 years old, for instance, you must have a BMI of 18.5 or 24.9 to be in a normal weight. If you have a BMI of 30 or above, then you are obese. You must do something to solve this problem. Remember that obesity is more than an issue that involves physical appearance. It is a serious illness that can lead to other health complications.

Even though BMI is an excellent indicator of the fat that a person has, that is not the full story. Sometimes, your BMI is high so that you think you are overweight. Nevertheless, that may be so because you have a lot of muscle or a large frame. On the other hand, another person BMI index may indicate that his/her weight is normal, but he/she may have an excess of body fat. For this and because of the differences due to metabolism, age, and puberty, it is better for you to get advice from a doctor before you start any nutritional program.

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Permission is granted to reproduce this article as long as the above resource paragraph is left intact with active links.

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