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The Flavor Spray Diet Is For Use with Any Diet

The Flavor Spray Diet announces Chef David Burkes new flavor sprays. As seen in the New York Post, the David Burke flavor sprays contain no fat, no sugar, no cholesterol, and no carbohydrates. These sprays can be used with any diet!

(PRWEB) August 15, 2005 -- The Flavor Spray Diet announces 18 classic, sweet, sinful and exotic flavors to help combat bland food. The sprays contain zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero fat, zero cholesterol and 100 percent flavor.

The New York Post writes: "The space age idea is to take some bland food and with a few quick pumps from a little cone shaped plastic bottle.. give it a tasty shower.... the sweet sprays smell so distinctly of their foods, they could almost double as eau de strawberry shortcake, marshmallow or root beer float... Root Beer Float smells like root beer, tastes like root beer. Makes an interesting snack when put on a rice cake. A clear winner."

The David Burke flavor sprays, can be used with any diet. There are three categories of sprays. Classic: Parmesan, Pesto, Ranch, Smoked Bacon, and Tomato Basil. Exotic: Hot and Sour, Ice Blue Salt, Memphis BBQ, Pepper CIty, and Teriyaki. Sweet and Sinful: Banana Split, Chocolate Fudge, Cookies and Cream, Marshmallow, Mochachino, Raspberry Bubblegum, Rootbeer Float, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Now dieters can replace the fat with the flavor by eliminating their toppings, sauces, and gravies and spraying. The fat free, no calories, no cholesterol, no carbohydrate sprays are available now.

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