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Diet Plan Increases Activity of Leptin, the Hormone Responsible for Weight Loss

Dr. Leo Galland announces The Fat Resistance Diet™, a brand new diet book from Broadway Books. This simple, successful weight loss program uses readily available foods to reprogram the body toward thinness.

New York, New York (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) January 12, 2006 – Dr. Leo Galland has created a diet plan bringing together the latest university research into how leptin can help change bodies with a bountiful menu that changes lives. "The Fat Resistance Diet™: Unlock the Secret of the Hormone Leptin to Eliminate Cravings, Supercharge Your Metabolism, Fight Inflammation; Lose Weight & Reprogram Your Body to Stay Thin" is a weight loss program combining tasty food with the cutting-edge science of leptin, a naturally-occurring hormone.

Dr. Leo Galland, a New York City internist internationally known for his work in nutritional medicine, has designed a diet plan to combat leptin resistance. The Fat Resistance Diet™ is the first diet plan that uses inflammation-fighting superfoods to reverse leptin resistance, allowing rapid and permanent weight loss without drugs, calorie counting or extreme dietary restrictions.

Leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells themselves, is essential for a successful weight loss program. Recent highly publicized research at Columbia University and the University of Texas demonstrates the importance of leptin to a weight loss program. Leptin suppresses appetites and speeds up metabolism. Overweight people suffer from leptin resistance, a condition in which the leptin produced by their fat cells does not work properly. Without the full benefit of leptin, they cannot achieve or maintain a lean body weight.

Dr. Galland emphasizes that chronic inflammation is a common cause of leptin resistance. His theory derives from research at Harvard University indicating that chronic inflammation and leptin resistance go hand in hand.

Columbia University researchers found that leptin prevents the rebound weight gain most people experience after think they're finished with their diet plan. Texas experiments showed that overfed animals could only become obese if their fat cells became resistant to the effects of leptin. If leptin resistance could be prevented, no amount of overfeeding would make the animals fat.

By reversing the nutritional causes of chronic inflammation and supplying nutrients that enhance the effectiveness of leptin, The Fat Resistance Diet™ is the first diet plan to utilize this cutting edge research on the hormonal basis of a weight loss program. This plan helps people lose weight and stay thin without counting calories.

The Fat Resistance Diet™ speeds up the metabolism and suppresses the appetite of overweight people by enhancing the effectiveness of leptin produced by fat cells. The diet plan is rich in omega-3 fats, fiber and phytonutrients derived from colorful and sweet fruits, crunchy nuts and seeds, piquant spices and tasty seafood.. The Fat Resistance Diet™ is a unique weight loss program in that its recipes and menus are designed for the express purpose of maximizing the effect of leptin. Because foods with the greatest ability to enhance leptin are also foods with great flavors, The Fat Resistance Diet™ comes with 100 recipes for delicious meals that are easy to prepare and six weeks of meal plans.

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