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Pro Football Athletes Train and Succeed with ATX Formulas

Sport-Engineered Athlete Nutrition Makes a Difference.

Metuchen NJ (PRWEB) January 12, 2006 -- Two promising professional football players – Tad Kornegay and Aki Jones – made the grade this past season using a regimen that included ATX Athlete Nutrition Technology formulas, while training exclusively with TEST Sports Clubs in Martinsville, NJ.

Prior to training, Tad and Aki met with the TEST nutritionist who put the athletes on a specialized diet plan. Starting four weeks before Pro Day, they took ATX’s “Zone 5” formula thirty-forty minutes prior to each workout, and both athletes said that after the four weeks of training they “couldn’t live without” their Zone 5.

Their stories:

Tad Kornegay, a native of Trenton, New Jersey, is a true success story. As a junior in high school, he stood 5-feet-1 and weighed 130 pounds, soaking wet. Now he is 5-9 and 182 lbs. Tad is an extremely hard-working athlete with a huge heart who always says “I want to work hard so I can give my mom a safer place to live.” Tad came out of Fordham University and made the starting lineup for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL.

Aki Jones grew up in Bronx, New York and turned a tough background into a success story. Jones attended Christ the King High School in New York where he earned All-League, All-City, and All-Queens recognition in football. After graduating high school, Aki spent a year at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts, then was admitted to Fordham University were he was a football standout and starter for all four years.

Through his career at Fordham, Jones earned many honors including Second Team All-Patriots League (2004), team high sacks (senior year), second in sacks (junior and senior year), along with a degree in marketing and advertising. In addition to his athletic and academic accomplishments, Jones gave back to his community by taking part in Special Olympics. Aki landed a spot on this year’s Washington Redskins team.
Both athletes trained Monday through Friday over a ten-week period, as follows:

• Monday: Upper body lifts
• Tuesday: Linear speed training
• Wednesday: Explosive lifts, upper body lifts
• Thursday: Multi-directional speed training
• Friday: Skill training, positing work, critique of
Combine events

TAD: With the help of the TEST coaches in conjunction with ATX Zone 5, Tad was able to show significant improvements:

• 40 yard dash: 4.72 to 4.39 seconds
• Vertical leap: 33 to 37 inches
• Pro agility drill: 4.44 to 3.82 seconds – best in pro circuit, 2005
• 3-cone drill: 6.92 to 6.52 seconds – top 5 in circuit
• Bench: 7 reps to 17 reps
• Broad jump: 9 feet 1 to 10 feet

AKI: Aki attended the Washington Redskins practice squad as a defensive tackle. ATX’s Zone 5 and TEST Sports Clubs, Inc helped Aki reach his goal of making it into the NFL. On Sept, 22, 2005 Aki was activated to the 53 man roster for the Washington Redskins, and his Combine results were a big reason:

• 40 yard dash: 5.43 to 5.01 seconds
• 10 yard dash: 1.92 to 1.68 seconds
• Pro agility drill: 4.98 to 4.52 seconds
• Bench: 13 reps to 22 reps
• Vertical leap: 27.5 to 31 inches
• Broad jump: 7.17 to 7.92 feet
• Body fat: 22 to 15%

About ATX

ATX Athlete Nutrition Technology of Metuchen, NJ develops and markets superior “SuperMulti” nutritional supplements engineered for serious athletes in specific sports. ATX products are carried by many leading retailers including Ringside Boxing, Universal Supplements (UK),,, and Brazilian Jiujitsu Champion Ricardo Almeida's Academy.

About TEST Sports Clubs

Founded by Brian Martin in 1992, TEST (Total Energy System Training) Sports Clubs is a privately-owned chain of sports clubs that specializes in sports performance and personal training programs.

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