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PumpedforLife Complete Body Conditioning Launches at Macworld San Francisco

New York, NY (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) January 11, 2006 -- PumpPod, the first company to introduce image-based personal training programs for the iPod, Treo and other handheld devices, announces their latest breakthrough for the fitness industry with PumpedforLife – Complete Body Conditioning.

PumpPod will debut their latest conditioning program at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Combining the fundamentals found in strength training, yoga, and cardio, this all-inclusive training program was developed to help the user build strength, lose weight, gain endurance, improve heart health and increase flexibility. Available in three progressive levels, each performed for four to eight weeks, PumpedforLife offers an assortment of workouts from all of these fitness areas to help guide the user and keep them engaged while on their path to achieving all their fitness goals.

PumpedforLife is a complete body-conditioning program that combines elements from four of PumpPod’s most popular workout programs – TotallyPumped, PulsePump, PumpedAsanas and xPump. The program should be performed six days a week using a different workout each day, with one day of rest. PumpPod’s PumpedforLife Trainer is the must-have visual training program for anyone looking to get in the best shape of his or her life.

Sample Workout

Note: Below is a sample of the PumpedforLife, 6-day program. The workouts alternate from week to week so that the user’s body is constantly challenged with new workouts.

TotallyPumped (Days 1, 3 &5)

The benefits of strength training are numerous. Aside from accelerating weight loss, strength training is an excellent way of raising one’s metabolism and increasing joint stability. For that reason, days one, three and five implement 10-weight training exercises [from TotallyPumped and five stretches that are performed to help increase strength, while changing muscle density and size. Within the first 2 weeks, users should start to see improved muscle tone.

PulsePump (Day 2)

The American Heart Association recommends that all people should get at least 30 to 60 minutes of heart-pumping activity into their daily routine. Therefore, day two of PumpedforLife is dedicated to a challenging cardiovascular interval workout [from PulsePump designed to improve the user’s heart health and help with weight loss. Users will experience changes in body composition and an increase in endurance.

PumpedAsanas (Day 4)

Yoga, one of the most respected fitness practices in the world, improves clarity of mind while increasing strength and body alignment. Day four of PumpedforLife implements hatha yoga poses that are arranged so they flow naturally, allowing the user to focus on form. Whether advanced or just starting out, users are guided through a complete series of poses to help them further increase their strength level while increasing flexibility.

xPump (Day 6)

The sixth day of this week is finished off with an intense cardio-cross training workout that implements different modes of cardio equipment and strength training exercises to maintain a high level of overall fitness. This workout will improve endurance while accelerating weight loss.

The seventh day is a rest day allowing time for the body to recover and grow stronger in preparation for the next week of workout sessions.

PumpedforLife Trainers

Level 1: $59.00 (6-day workout, 4-8 weeks)
Level 2: $64.00 (6-day workout, 4-8 weeks)
Level 3: $69.00 (6-day workout, 4-8 weeks)

About PumpPod

Headquartered in New York, PumpPod, LLC was created by Craig Schlossberg, a pioneering software engineer, and Declan Condron, an exclusive New York personal trainer, to provide convenient, customizable workout programs called PumpPod Trainers to image-ready handheld devices. PumpPod is like having an elite personal trainer that fits in your pocket and goes where you go. From TotallyPumped to Pumped(6)Pack, each PumpPod Trainer is a collection of detailed images that make up a progressive 4-6 week exercise program. The bright images and simple instructions show you how to do exercises properly and effectively for better results.

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