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New Health Corp. Introduces Lipidshield™ Liquid Formula

LipidShield’s™ Liquid Formula with Cholesterol-lowering Plant Sterols and Stanols is Better Absorbed and Faster Acting than Tablets or Capsules; Easier to Use for Those Who Don’t Like to Swallow Pills.

Melbourne, FL (PRWEB) January 11, 2006 -- New Health Corp. announced the availability of the liquid version of their popular cholesterol-lowering dietary supplement, LipidShield™. The new liquid formula, which incorporates several plant-derived ingredients clinically shown to lower human cholesterol, was designed especially for those individuals who find capsules and tablets difficult to swallow.

"In addition to being easy to use, an even bigger benefit of the liquid formula is how quickly and efficiently it’s absorbed into the bloodstream,” said Dr. William Huggins, the director of product development for New Health Corp. “Because more of the supplement’s active ingredients are able to be absorbed, LipidShield’s™ liquid formula is ideal for individuals who need to safely lower their cholesterol levels in a relatively short period of time.” Dr. Huggins said that most individuals with high cholesterol who consume two tablespoons of LipidShield™ daily are likely to see a drop in their cholesterol count within fourteen days.

“We realized that taste is a very important issue for consumers, as a bitter-tasting supplement, regardless of its potential health benefit, will sit unused in the refrigerator,” said Dr. Huggins. “That’s why we spent so many hours in the lab formulating LipidShield’s™ delicious vanilla flavor.”

LipidShield’s™ liquid formula is the first and only all-natural cholesterol-lowering dietary supplement available in liquid form. LipidShield’s formula includes the proven cholesterol lowering components Guggulipid, Red Yeast Rice, Policosanol, phytosterols, and stanols. The supplement contains no artificial dyes or artificial sweeteners,

"We have developed LipidShield™ using nutrients scientifically shown to enhance heart health,” said New Health Corp. president Gary Stanton. “This dietary supplement is for anyone concerned about high cholesterol but not comfortable with the side effects sometimes accompanying prescription statin medications.”

Stanton said LipidShield™ will undergo a double-blind clinical trial early in 2006.

To ensure product purity and potency, LipidShield’s™ liquid formula is manufactured in an FDA inspected and registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. A 30-ounce bottle of LipidShield (30 day supply) has a suggested retail price of $39.95.

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