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Raw Juice Fast At A Yoga Retreat for Women

Beat the blahs of holiday indulgence and greet the New Year with a fresh new start.

(PRWEB) January 10, 2006 -- Now that the holiday season of indulgence is over, thoughts naturally turn to new beginnings and New Year’s Resolutions. But many women find that although they set goals, the months go speeding by in ‘same old, same old’ mode. It can be hard to break old habits and patterns.

One proven way to break the mold is to go on a raw juice fast. Women all over the world are discovering that it can be a powerful experience – mentally and emotionally, as well as physically.

A juice fast is a liquid, nourishing diet consisting of just juice and water. Juices extracted from raw fruits & vegetables require no digestion while all their vital nutrients are assimilated directly into the bloodstream. It’s a multidimensional experience which enables a wide range of metabolic changes and experiences to take place. The blood and lymph are detoxified and the release of toxins from the colon, kidneys, bladder, lungs, sinuses, and skin clears out many complications that have arisen from diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

A raw juice fast retreat is not a deprivation, but rather the opposite – it’s a celebration of self. It’s a complete rest from environmental toxins, solid food, noise, phones, TV and newspapers. Surrounded by other women on the same quest one indulges in warm stone massage, mineral baths and naturally healing teas.

Body and soul are deeply nourished with yoga and delicious juices. Unusual workshop offerings, never offered during a juice fasting and yoga retreat before, encourage traditional healing and bonding experiences between women of all ages, such as meditation, knitting, needlepoint or scrap-booking in front of the fire. With patient teachers for advanced through beginners, the women leave with a brand new scarf, shrug, or book and most of all, a brand new “self” of one's own creation.

“One of the most amazing benefits of juice fasting we see at our women’s raw juice fast retreat is the mental clarity that arises,” says Mary McGuire-Wien, owner of American Yogini women’s yoga retreat in New York. “Often the women who come on this retreat have issues they have not been able to resolve. Many times this is because they are so overloaded and heavily weighed down with responsibilities and stress that they only need a bit of clear empty space in order to know what they have to do. Juice Fasting has the most surprising benefit of clearing away doubts, indecision and confusion."

“Women sometimes come with the simple goal of losing a quick ten pounds, and are surprised by the incredible mental clarity that arises,” says McGuire-Wien. “A juice fast seems to clear out not only the physical body, it also cleans out the mind. By the time they leave they have both the clarity of mind and the confidence to make enormous positive shifts in their lives.”

Find out more about the American Yogini raw juice fast retreat which starts on January 29th 2006.

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