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Weight Loss News

The great concern over obesity and the health related problems resulting from it have caused many researchers around the world and the weight-loss industry spend hours and money to develop new programs and techniques to lose weight. To keep up with the latest information, read the press releases we have posted for you.

ArtJen Releases Impressive Weight Loss Data At International Obesity Meeting01/17/2006
New Trends in Home Gym Interior Design Encourage Health and Fitness01/17/2006
Retired Lt. Colonel says, "You’re never, ever too old to exercise"01/17/2006
Employers Fail To Address ‘Metabolic Syndrome’ Despite Big Hits To Bottom Line 01/17/2006
Technological Breakthrough "Lets Your Body Do the Talking"01/17/2006
Outspoken Diet Drug Plaintiffs’ Advocates Join Motion By Class Counsel To Address Rampant Fraud01/17/2006
Crusading Company: New Million Dollar 12-Week Challenge Launched to Help Reshape America01/17/2006
New Hoodia Product Makes 'Sense' 01/17/2006 Awards Development Contract to Information Technologies 01/17/2006
HemagSim Herbal Weight Loss Supplement Adds Ginseng to Improve Its Calorie Burning Formula01/17/2006
C.H.E.F. Launches FUEL™ Series to Fight Childhood Obesity 01/17/2006
Leading Christ-based Counselor Releases DVD Against the Original Sin, Uncontrolled Eating01/17/2006
The New Smooth 6.25 is the Only Folding Treadmill Made for the Serious Runner 01/17/2006
New Company Features Online Personal Training and Nutritional Planning Services01/17/2006
Plant-based “Genesis Diet” Promotes Health, Healing, and Longevity01/17/2006
Leading Certified Hypnosis Educators Gather in Troy, MI01/17/2006
Vegan Willy Wonka Launches Magical, Healthy, Sugar Free, Dairy Free Chocolate with Essential Fat Nutrition01/17/2006
Fit Beyond 40 Launches Member Advisory at The Boston Women’s Show01/17/2006
Weight Loss Essentials01/17/2006
Got Stomach Problems? Probiotics, Ground Flax Seed Meal, and JMX-2 Offer Help 01/17/2006
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