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Weight Loss News

The great concern over obesity and the health related problems resulting from it have caused many researchers around the world and the weight-loss industry spend hours and money to develop new programs and techniques to lose weight. To keep up with the latest information, read the press releases we have posted for you.

EcoProduce Launches eMarketplace for Organic Food and Eco-Products01/16/2006
Natural Energy Enhancer LifeWave Patch Increases Energy and Stamina01/16/2006
TRIMSPA Reshapes Mrs America01/16/2006
NHMA Teams With HHS to Trim Obesity in Hispanics; NHMA’s National Focus Begins in Texas01/16/2006 adds Kong and Kong Black Voodoo Male Enhancement Products to Sexual Health Line01/16/2006
Liposuction Can Promote Healthy Habits Reports 1800BeYourBest01/16/2006
Hot Pepper Nasal Spray is Touted as Powerful Natural Weight Loss Aid01/16/2006
News of Antioxidants in Coffee Is Not a License to Make it a Mainstay in Health Regimens01/16/2006
Cosmetic Vacations Announces Affiliation With Ultra-Modern Doktor Day Hospital 01/16/2006
Good Samaritan Hospital: Free Seminar on Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery01/16/2006
Triathletes Swimming Hard, But Going Nowhere01/16/2006
Study Shows Saline Breast Implants Have Minimal Deflation Over Time01/16/2006
Swim for Miles in Your Backyard Pool Without Moving an Inch01/16/2006
New Website Eases Women's Journey from Aerobics to Weight Training 01/16/2006
Debut of “Health Crusades” Online Talk Radio Show with Bestselling Author Mark Victor Hansen01/16/2006
Organic Supplement Manufacturer Flora, Inc. Appoints Kevin Cobb and Darin Johnson 01/16/2006
Jhershierra's Immortality Website discusses ORGANIC TIBETAN GOJI 01/16/2006
America's Silent but Highly Visible Sugar-coated Epidemic01/16/2006
The Reference Desk Launches Health Information Web Site01/16/2006
Two-Thirds of Hoodia Supplements Sold in the United States May Be Counterfeit01/16/2006
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