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Weight Loss News

The great concern over obesity and the health related problems resulting from it have caused many researchers around the world and the weight-loss industry spend hours and money to develop new programs and techniques to lose weight. To keep up with the latest information, read the press releases we have posted for you.

The Flavor Spray Diet Announces Ten New Flavor Sprays01/16/2006 New Website Sells Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills 01/16/2006
Looking for a Recipe that is Fun and Nutritious? Try This One!01/16/2006
Cellulite Cure01/16/2006
Good Samaritan Hospital Offers Free Seminars on Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery01/16/2006
Acne Treatment: How I Cured My Acne in A Few Days01/16/2006
Fantastic Fitness, Inc. Expands Into New Area with Ultimate Squat Machine 01/16/2006
Fashion Editors Provided With Essentials To Survive New York Fashion Week 01/16/2006
Transitions Lifestyle System Adds Delicious Entrees And Bars01/16/2006
Stopping the Childhood Obesity Epidemic01/16/2006 Celebrates 10th Anniversary: New Plans to Help People Become More Fit01/16/2006
TRIMSPA Expands Product Line01/16/2006
Alternative Health Website Counters Propaganda of Big Pharma and the FDA01/16/2006
Feel Younger, Stronger and Healthier Than Ever Before01/16/2006
Low-Carb Dieting Popularity Persists, Contrary to Media Reports01/16/2006
Nativa Yerba Mate Introduces the U.S.A. to the South American Culture 01/16/2006
Noted Celebrity Chef Works Her Culinary Magic in the North Phoenix01/16/2006
If Cars Were Priced Like Prescription Drugs, You'd Pay $4.5 Million for a Family Sedan01/16/2006
Fitness Guru Jon Benson Releases 'Fit Over 40'01/16/2006 wins Forbes' "Best of the Web 2005"01/16/2006
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