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Weight Loss News

The great concern over obesity and the health related problems resulting from it have caused many researchers around the world and the weight-loss industry spend hours and money to develop new programs and techniques to lose weight. To keep up with the latest information, read the press releases we have posted for you.

California Inter-Scholastic Federation Recommends National Microscope Exchange’s Urine Specific Gravity Refractometer01/17/2006
Free Month of Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Program Offered at amdiets.com01/17/2006
Obese Americans find Important Tax Breaks for Weight Loss in 200501/17/2006
America’s Top New Year's Resolutions to Lose Weight and Save Money01/17/2006
Make New Year’s Resolutions a Reality With a Little Help From Some Friends 01/17/2006
Agel Revolutionizes Nutritional Supplements 01/17/2006
Weight Loss the Natural Way01/17/2006
Buzz Building About the Hot New Diet for January 2006 --- Diet For Charity01/17/2006
Five 2005 Trends that Will Make You Want to Stick to Your Fitness Resolutions in 200601/17/2006
Samson Hair Restoration Announces Spokesperson/Model: Stephen Argyle01/17/2006
Olympic Athletes Use Technology to Design Personal Dietary Supplement Blend01/17/2006
New York City Can Continue to Be The Fittest City In America After The Strike. 01/17/2006
Dieters Lose Weight and Keep it Off Through Hypnosis01/17/2006 Introduces Free “Diet Tracking” And Paid Premium Membership01/17/2006
“Is It Time For A Change?” Asks Author Of A New Book on Vegetarian Cooking.01/17/2006
Research Supporting Compellis Pharmaceuticals’ Weight Loss Drug Therapy 01/17/2006
Hoodia Research Reveals Steroids That Are Potentially Unsafe01/17/2006
OmWeb Logo has Blossomed to Reflect the Focus of Its New Range of Professional Services01/17/2006
“The Health Colonel” Enlivens Seniors at the Coconut Creek Community Center01/17/2006
The Risks of Laser Hair Removal and Laser Treatments in Non-Physician Supervised Spas01/17/2006
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