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Weight Loss News

The great concern over obesity and the health related problems resulting from it have caused many researchers around the world and the weight-loss industry spend hours and money to develop new programs and techniques to lose weight. To keep up with the latest information, read the press releases we have posted for you.

New Statistics: New Year's Resolution Usage Plummets from 88% to 45% 01/17/2006
New Diet for Charity Program: Earn Money for Your Favorite Charity by Successfully Losing Weight01/17/2006
Donate a Shellfish Recipe to "The Savvy Shellfish Lover’s Help Save the World Cookbook" 01/17/2006
Giving the Gift of Good Health01/17/2006
America Gets Fit One Step At a Time01/17/2006
Reward Yourself With a Guilt Free Day Over the Holidays01/17/2006
Natural Health Products Kits Great Gift Idea for the Holidays01/17/2006
Aging Is Not Obligatory Says Dr. Neal Rouzier 01/17/2006
The Body Wrap Shop Announces the Introduction of The Body Melt01/17/2006 Report on X32 Chromium Proves False 01/17/2006
Another New Year, Another Resolution to Lose Weight? With 01/17/2006
The Captain Fit Foundation Announces the Publication of Captain Fit's Guide to Good Health 01/17/2006
This New Year, Resolve to Increase Health by Increasing Calcium01/17/2006
Holiday Weight Loss Secrets Revealed by "Totally Fit Mom" of 13 01/17/2006
Doctor's Studies Confirm Drugless Method for Weight Loss Works01/17/2006
Hypnotic Seminar Gives You the Key to Achieve and Maintain Your Natural Weight01/17/2006
Can You Live Your Way Thin? Lifestyle Changes Are Necessary to Defeat Obesity01/17/2006 Announces New As Seen on TV Commercial01/17/2006
Avoid Bird Flu and Turkey Twizzlers This Winter with the Ultimate Cook Book01/17/2006
Effective Learning Systems, Inc. Launches Its Self-Help Audio Programs on CD01/17/2006
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