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Weight Watchers Weightloss Program

Weight Watchers was founded in the early 60’s by Jean Nidetch. The business started when Jean began meeting with her friends to discuss which the best way to lose weight was. As a result, Weight Watchers International began its operations around the world, from Brazil to New Zealand.

Today, this company has helped million of people around the world through its programs, and many members could improve their lifestyle. Weight Watchers believes that dieting is just one element of weightloss management. For them, a living balance includes mental, emotional and physical health; therefore, this program provides people with information, tools, and motivation to help them make appropriate decisions according to their nutrition and physical activity.

Weight Watchers Meetings are an essential part of the program. Members come together generally once per week; there, experts combine your efforts with their professionalism. You do not have to sign a contract; thus, you pay as you attend the meetings. In each meeting, you will receive confidential and personalized guide. Besides, you will learn how to buy and prepare healthy meals. They will give you physical-activity routines.

TurnAround is another program. With this plan, people choose the weightloss plan that better matches their physical condition. Here, people can select between two alternatives: Flexible POINTS Plan or No Counting Plan. Both plans are excellent because they are nutritious and easy to learn. POINTS gives members a great variety of food options, and it is easy to manage. It is a special formula that works similar to a budget. You select nutritious meals that are low in POINTS value, and this approaches people to healthier food options. On the other hand, No Counting Plan allows people to eat healthy food from all the food groups, for example fruits, grains, eggs, and dairy products.

Weight Watchers is an excellent program because is flexible, and people can continue with their menu. Moreover, it provides members with information; thus, you can educate your body.

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