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Jenny Craig Weightloss Program

How the story of one women change the life of many woman around the world? Well, that was what Jenny Craig did. Here is an overview about the Jenny Craig Weightloss Program.

Jenny Craig, Inc. is one of the most prestigious weight management industries around the world. It was founded by Jenny Craig, twenty years ago. Today, this business has over 550 centers in Canada and the United States. Her program provides nutritional information and physical activities and alternatives. Her purpose is to help clients reach the appropriate balance. However, there is an element that really makes the difference, everything is about attitude. When people change their attitude they maintain a healthy body and living balance.

Clients can receive two kinds of service, at local centre or at home. If you choose the local centre service you will be attended by one of their professional consultants. Also, all the weight sessions are private and people can buy nutritional products at the local centre. On the other hand, people who choose the service at home will receive weekly phone consultations; also, this service includes a bi-weekly food delivery service. This program is an excellent option for people who live far away.

Besides the programs, clients can receive different receipts and a menu planner. Jenny Craig, Inc. will send you that information electronically; therefore, you have to create an online account. Also, this company has very informative material related to weightloss programs available; for example: Sample Packs Food, Cookbooks and Jenny Craig’s fitness products (audio and videotapes).

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