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Body-for-Life Weightloss Program

Body for Life Weightloss Program is a trademarked health program. It was created by Bill Phillips who is the author of the bestseller book Body-for-Life. Also, he was the founder of EAS, a worldwide company of performance nutrition.

Bill has helped many people around the world. His program works based on two factors. One of them is an eating plan that contains six small rations per day; each meal has one serve of carbohydrate and one serve of protein. The second factor is an exercise program. This one combines aerobic activities and weight lifting. The whole program is available in a book.

The program combines weight training, a precise low calorie diet and exercise activity. It is wonderful that the program was designed to make this possible in an easier way than you believe. Besides, people do not get tired with the program because they spend little time doing exercise. Body-for-Life provides people with a guide about how to lose fat, increase their muscle tone and feed your body with the Eating-for-Life Method. Moreover, you will find a list of successful stories from people who complete the program.

Body-for-Life has changed the life of many people because it is more than a guide. People can increase their muscle tone and improve their health. However, it is recommendable to continue with the program. Thus, if you give up, it will be very difficult to get good results.

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