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South Beach Diet

As you already know there are hundreds of diets and programs to lose weight. Another of those is the South Beach Diet which considers it self as a no typical low carbohydrates. In its place you will have the chance to select the carbohydrates that really help you. You can get them from whole grains, vegetables and some fruits. You will be able to distinguish between the right and bad fats too; some of the right fats can be founded in the canola and olive oil and lean supplies of proteins.

This diet has some services online that constantly offer you different recipes to have healthy foods and what you can expect from them. This diet is divided in three phases which are: phase one, which consists in starting to eliminate all the bad carbohydrates. For this, they recommend to eat things such like meat, fish, reduced fat cheese, nuts, yogurts, eggs and numerous veggies. You can also eat snacks and desserts.

The second phase consists in learning how to distinguish what are the right carbohydrates and fats. These ones can be found in foods like whole grains and fruits. When you get to this phase of the diet you would have lost enough weight and you can keep on this phase until you get the weight that you desire.

The third phase consists simply in keeping a diet based in consuming the adequate carbohydrates and fats to continue losing weight or getting the weight you want. As Dr. Agatston says “the real secret of a good diet is not just a diet, it is a way to eat for life”.

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