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Michael Thurmond Weight Loss Program

Michael Thurmond weight loss program is one more of the hundreds of weight loss programs that you can find in the market. This program is described on a book, and it promises that if you follow the instructions step by step, you will lose weight in just 6 days.

This book states that you should not think food is your worst enemy and that due to it you get weight; instead, food is your friend. It explains how to make that food be the best way to satisfy yourself and control your metabolism as an efficient form to lose weight.

The program also teaches what the most adequate food for you to consume is depending on your body type. It also establishes the routine of exercises that every person can do based on their body type. If you follow the instructions, Michael Thurmond promises that you will lose 10 pounds or more in 6 days.

Some of the pieces of advice this book offers are to recognize what is the best kind of food to spark weight loss, how to burn more fat doing the exercise that better match your body type. The book advises you on trying to eliminate food with excess of fat and, finally, keeping yourself with the program in order to lose weight constantly.

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