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Atkins Diet Weight Loss Program

Atkins diet program is a plan very popular in the USA to lose weight. The program is based on the control of the carbohydrates that people consume. It is also based on consuming fruits and veggies such like broccoli and spinach. The main philosophy of this diet is that you can eat all you want, even products such like mineral and vitamin supplements which are products designed to keep weight and nutrition balanced.

The program is divided in four sections: introduction that consists in limiting the carbohydrates consume to 20 grams per day. Carbohydrates are easy to get especially from salads. The next phase is the ongoing weight loss which consists in taking 25 grams of carbohydrates the first week of the plan. After a week, increase it to 30 grams per day during another week. After this, reduce it to 25 grams again, and you will lose weight constantly.

The third phase, known as pre-maintenance, consists on the transition of weight loss to maintain the wished weight. This can be done by increasing the carbohydrates consume again to 10 grams. The last phase is the lifetime maintenance which consists in consuming the food you want without forgetting taking care of carbohydrates.

This plan promises that you will lose weight really fast. However, if you are planning to try this program, you should investigate a little more about it. This is especially important since some specialists say that it may have different effects depending on your metabolism.

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