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Our Sweet Enemy

Are you one of those that cannot resist to any dessert after lunch or dinner? Or feel weak for those kinds of very sweet meals? Well, let us tell you that your enemy is closer from you than you ever think. Glucose is what makes the brain functions work easily, but the abuse of this brainy fuel can make you suffer hypoglycemia or schizophrenia. It also could drive you through the shortcut to dead. According to an article posted in, some specialists have concluded that high levels of sugar make children hyperactive, with learning difficulties and some allergies. Some historical studies from schizophrenic patients also revealed high consumption of sugar in their everyday diets. This web site also warned that there are many new diseases because of the daily consume of this product, considered by some as “the legal drug” because it makes people feel euphoric. But that is just a subtle sensation. As soon as the person gets its normal levels this could cause a kind of depression feeling, called “sugar blues”. Physically, it uses to be reflected in dental cavities, make the teeth get dark and cause diabetes mellitus. Despite all of those bad things, weight gain is granted. Other studies have found that increased levels of sugar in the blood makes the body eliminate calcium faster, and as a consequence, people can suffer osteoporosis in an early age. Dependence of sugar is potentially high. It is considered psychological and physical. A Spanish language web site describes that people are used to feel depression, fatigue, nervousness and anxiety if they discontinue the consumption of sugar. In the worse cases some persons can have fatal attacks. The most common suggestion for these kinds of persons is to reduce sugar products gradually and begin to substitute it for fructose, which is the natural sweet that the human body can assimilate better. If it is necessary, take a driven detoxification under professional supervision. Practice exercise and drink enough water everyday. With this simple routine, you can win the fight with the enemy hidden behind the desserts.

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Permission is granted to reproduce this article as long as the above resource paragraph is left intact with active links.

Permission is granted to reproduce this article as long as the above resource paragraph is left intact with active links.

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