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Berry: The Miraculous Little Fruit

There are many recipes to fight Alzheimer disease, but have you ever heard about a very small berry that can do it better than lots of medicines? Mother Nature gave it to us a long time ago, but scientists just met it lately. Posted on, the article describes how easy is to prevent this kind of mental sufferings or others only by consuming “British blackcurrant” and the US similar ones “boysenberries”. Specialists concluded in a document that this fruit is full of potentially beneficial anti-oxidant components that could prevent dementia, mainly Alzheimer disease, which is the most common. The study was released for the Journal of Science Food and Agriculture, a New Zealand organization. They asserted, however, that it prevents mental sufferings, but that it is not the complete cure. “The results demonstrate that a specific fraction of blackcurrant is particularly effective”, Dr. Susanne Sorensen, Alzheimer Society member, said for the publication. The article also explains that “Alzheimer's disease is thought to be caused by the build up of deposits of a protein in the brain (...) the berries contain a cocktail of chemical compounds including anthocyanins -which cause the deep color in blue and purple fruits - and polyphenolics - which can be found in red wine and chocolate”. Other web sites about health, like (in Spanish) also suggest the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables to combat all kind of mental sufferings at early age. They say, for example, that lemon or lime juice adds important quantities of vitamin C to your body, prevents the flu and makes your inside organs work better. It is also an antioxidant that helps to maintain the blood clean. This site describes the benefits of pineapple, and says that its regular intake prevents constipation, provides lots of vitamin C and helps you with weight loss, among others. It emphasizes that a daily fruit salad makes people better thinkers and prevents overweight. Well, as you can see, Mother Nature gave us all those things as the best present. Let us use these gifts as most as we can!

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Permission is granted to reproduce this article as long as the above resource paragraph is left intact with active links.

Permission is granted to reproduce this article as long as the above resource paragraph is left intact with active links.

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