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Tomatoes: The Fight Against Cancer

Although tomatoes belong to the nightshade family and have been considered as toxic for many years, they are veggies with great properties. Besides being delicious, they have great amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and iron. On the other hand, Lycopene, what gives them the red color, is a powerful antioxidant, even stronger than beta-carotene, which fights against different oxidants that can cause cancer. Learn more about tomatoes and discover the mystery behind this tasty red veggie.

Different studies have demonstrated the benefits of lycopene. It is a great antioxidant that protects the body from cellular damage due to free radicals. It also reduces the risk of developing prostate, stomach, colon, rectal, breast, endometrial and lung cancer. In the case of lung cancer, for instance, some components of tomatoes (chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid) have shown to block the effects of nitrosamines. Even though they are produced naturally by the body, they are the strongest carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Another research demonstrated that tomatoes help elderly people remain active for much time. Regarding cancer, tomatoes are beneficial even for a person who already has cancer. Cancer has shown to become less aggressive thanks to tomatoes. A possible explanation to this is that lycopenes and bioflavonois are cancer-fighting agents. Another theory asserts that the reaction between their components is what gives them anticancer properties.

Now that you know the benefits of tomato consumption, you should know certain facts about it. When you buy tomatoes try to choose the reddest. These are the ones that are richer in lycopene and beta-carotene content. If you cook tomatoes, they release more lycopene; for this reason, they give you more benefits when cooked. If you want to increase the benefits, you should cook tomatoes in olive oil. Olive oil helps your body absorb more lycopene. Tomato sauce and canned tomatoes are also beneficial because tomatoes do not lose their properties when they are processed or cooked. Today is a good day to include tomatoes in your daily food habits.

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Permission is granted to reproduce this article as long as the above resource paragraph is left intact with active links.

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